Let Your Light Shine - Obedience 1 of 4

Welcome to the 1st of my 4-part series on “Let Your Light Shine - Obedience!” God expects His women to be obedient but obedience can be hard! In this series you’ll hear why we struggle with obedience and strategies for success with obedience.

We’ll start with what causes us to struggle with obedience. I think other people’s expectations and busyness are two of the biggest things that keep us from obedience.

5 Ways to Connect with Teenagers

Teenagers. Just that one word can send us moms and dads running for the hills. Over the years, though, I've become a huge fan of young adults. I LOVE teenagers and am a strong advocate for how awesome they are! I’m not cool - never have been, as a teen myself or as an adult.  So what is the SECRET to becoming a magnet for teenagers?

In this podcast, I’m sharing with you five ways to connect with teenagers. Numbers four and five are important, but points one, two, and three are critical! And it's best to start as early as possible with your children.