I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of fabulous women.
Here's what a couple of them have to say about being equipped and encouraged with real life-changing truth.


"My life was forever changed by Tracy. She equipped me with the tools I needed to live a more Godly and intentional life. Because of her powerful messages, I discovered my God-given gifts and was empowered to put them into practice. Tracy is passionate to influence women around the world and I am genuinely excited for other women to hear from Tracy, how they too, can live the life that Christ intends for us to live."

- Jenny



"Three years ago, I had the absolute privilege of meeting with Tracy every Wednesday for a year. She provided tools for me to take pride in who I am as a Christian, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a friend. Her teachings and guidance on how to live intentionally and with purpose gave me (and my husband) a renewed spirit! I am deeply honored to have had the opportunity to learn from Tracy! Her devotion to encouraging other women is genuine, powerful, and sincere."

- Candace 



"I learned so much through Tracy's ability to be real, discuss topics that we face everyday in today's society, and integrate the Bible throughout the subject. I was able to open up without embarrassment, and with a complete sense of belonging. She not only has a great passion for women and their families, but also a great compassion for what they are experiencing. Moreover, she encourages them each step of the way that Christ has the answer, especially when we do not."

- Teresa



"Tracy has a knack for taking Biblical principles and giving them "legs" to be applicable to everyday life and struggles. She uses clever analogies, visuals, and anecdotes that I was able to learn from and apply to my marriage each day! While taking her class, my husband would often say, "I love Bible study Wednesdays!" It was clearly because I was a changing woman with the power of the Holy Spirit working through Tracy and her teachings."

- Charlotte



"As a young military spouse, Tracy's intentional words of encouragement have empowered me to thrive, transforming a challenging, new duty station into a precious blessing! You can sense that she truly values the beautiful transformation that comes with resting God's word on our hearts!"

- Barbara Ann