Hi there! I'm Tracy. 

Twenty-nine years ago I married the cute guy in boots from Paris (wait for it) Texas. Hand-in-hand, my East-Texas Parisian and I signed up to serve our country. Marshall commissioned as an Army officer in 1986 with the promise that we would stay in for only 5 years or as long as we were still having fun. Well, we're coming up on thirty years and we're still having a blast! God sure does have a sense of humor. This woman, who's not so comfortable with change, has moved nineteen times in those twenty-nine years.

Looking back now, it's so clear to me that the army life had to be the life for me. The military community sticks together and touches your heart like a big bear hug during times of mourning and in times of celebration. During deployment months, I noticed women tended to gather together in my front yard. I started to realize they weren't coming just because my kids had the cool treehouse and I had the chardonnay - it was something more powerful. It was a chance for us to voice our joys (a video call from overseas), our sorrows (a four month deployment extension - seriously?), and our day-to-day motherhood oopsies (kids ate mac-and-cheese 3 times this week...again). Through all those conversations, I realized something. I was listening closely and I was passionate about providing encouragement to my fellow women.

Though I had long been loving on my army sisters through Family Readiness Groups and coffee dates, my professional experience with equipping and encouraging women kicked off with a bang. In 2002, I was selected to serve as the president of the Fort Polk Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) which even further ignited my passion for serving women. Since then, I've been blessed with the opportunity to speak in front of audiences across the world at events such as couples marriage retreats, the 160th Commanders Spouse Conference, 160th Deployed Spouses Retreat, 81st Regimental Military Ball, the Korean Military Academy, Camp Humphrey's Republic of Korea Women's Conference, the Ft. Leavenworth Women of Influence Conference, and PWOC programs across the country. 

Marshall and I have decided to build our "empty nest" here in Kansas City. As food-lovers, we're letting our stomachs lead our exploration of our new midwest home. We're (obnoxiously) proud parents of two beautiful and infectiously energetic daughters. Victoria studies blood splats and bugs at the University of Nebraska as a Forensic Science student and Kathrine is a well-caffeinated advertising nerd living with her husband, Rodrigo, in Houston. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me. Now I'd love to get to know you. For information about one-on-one mentoring, click here.  Feel free to keep clicking around and reach out here with any questions! 

My best to you,