Let Your Light Shine - Obedience 1 of 4

Welcome to the 1st of my 4-part series on “Let Your Light Shine - Obedience!” God expects His women to be obedient but obedience can be hard! In this series you’ll hear why we struggle with obedience and strategies for success with obedience.

We’ll start with what causes us to struggle with obedience. I think other people’s expectations and busyness are two of the biggest things that keep us from obedience.

2 Things Your Husband Needs and You Can Give Him

Today I want to talk about 2 things your husband needs and that you have the power to give him!!

First, he needs you to hang out with him. Be his playmate. Have some fun together!! If you think back to before you were married, back to when you were dating, what did you used to do together? You probably weren’t talking about the kids, you weren’t snapping at each other about who does what household chores, you weren’t feeling bogged down in responsibilities. You were most likely doing everything you could to spend time together.

Your husband still has that desire – he wants to spend time doing things that are fun to him with YOU!!! What did you use to do together? Go hiking, attend concerts, have coffee together… I would encourage you to intentionally work some of these things back into your schedule. Men really like to spend their down time with their wives!! When’s the last time you and your husband had FUN together? Can’t remember? Then it’s been too long.

How to have an Affair…with your Husband!

I get that sometimes life can fall into a routine, a rut, and actually be kinda boring. But why not take a break and escape with your husband!!

I’m going to share with you four ways to have an affair with your husband. I’ll give you some ideas, but be creative – go for it!

This is an affair that can have a happily ever after.

In the comments below, share your ideas on how to have an affair with your husband. 

All my best to you,


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