The Woman at the Well (3/4)

Hi ladies,

Welcome to the third part of The Woman at the Well series.

The woman leaving her jar at the feet of Jesus is the symbol of her transformation. This reminds me of Matthew 4:18-20 where Jesus calls out to the fishermen to “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Immediately they left their nets and followed him.”  They were fishermen…fishing nets were pretty important to fishermen. But they immediately realized they didn’t need the nets, they needed Jesus. The woman at the well left her jar. 

What do you think you need more than Jesus?? 


After her encounter with Jesus, she didn’t say, “Now I need to go to seminary so I can learn to share Jesus. Or, I need to memorize the Bible and then I can share Jesus. She told her story!   

God loves to pick us up, take our stories of yuck and change them into stories of victory for His glory. He can redeem anything! 

There are women who need to hear your story! Who need to hear about your encounter with Jesus!

Watch for part 4 next week!

All my best to you,
Tracy Lynn Dougherty