The Garden of Your Life, Part 2: Fences & Stakes

Today we continue with the second part of The Garden of Life series. The next thing we’ll add to our garden are fences. Fences place boundaries in our lives and keep out the small things, the things that look so innocent but can cause significant damage if we aren’t paying attention.

Got any issues in your life? If so, maybe you need to reset your boundaries. It’s okay to set boundaries. In fact, it’s critical to keep our garden protected and our life healthy.

The second thing we’ll add to our Garden of Life are stakes. Stakes help us to hold up, to remain firm during the storms and the challenges of life. We need to intentionally seek out other women to stake ourselves to so they can help us, and we can help them, during difficult times. When we stake ourselves to one another it allows us both to bear more fruit!

All my best to you,